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About the Association to Spread Japanese Ramen to the world

About us

Our mission is to spread Japanese ramen overseas. We want to spread Japanese culture and mind set overseas through making ramen and showing how fun, heartwarming and fulfilling it is as well as it’s taste and the preparation process.

One of the most influential food in the world ‘Japanese Food’, among then ramen is particularly popular. We will share the ‘possibility’ and ‘problem points’ overseas that founders who were mainly involved in the popularization of ramen in China actually experienced, and was established in hopes of further development and expansion of the market. I hope that by spreading ramen which itself is Japanese culture overseas, this will help solve various problems currently faced by domestic restaurants within Japan. In the future, to make the association more practical and meaningful, we will hold social gatherings and regular meetings for those who are interested in opening stores overseas to share information and objectives. Chairman Shigeya Fujisaki

Association Overview

Association Overview

Organization Name
Association to Spread Japanese Ramen to the World
KDX Nihonbashi Building, 1-8 Nihonbashi Honcho 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Shigeya Fujisaki
Board of Directors
Hajime Nagao (Nagao Chuka Soba)
Hiroyuki Shirai (Ramen and Kaburaian)
Yu Isobe
July 29th, 2019
1.Promotion of Japanese ramen culture based on information dissemination if Japanese ramen.
2.Business related to evaluation of Japanese ramen shops and ramen chefs overseas.Implementation of certification, and disclosure of the information.
3.Training young Japanese ramen chefs and supporting their overseas expansion.
4.Held ramen schools and ramen events overseas, etc.
About our operation

About activities

If you want to open your own ramen shop overseas, introduce your ramen to overseas people, or if you have skills and want to challenge overseas, we will do our best to support anything relating to ‘Japanese ramen X overseas’. If you are a ramen shop owner, why don’t you bring the ramen that you created with passion and pride to the world with us.

We can solve the following problems for you

〇 I’m interested in expanding overseas but I don’t know where to start.
〇 No funds to expand overseas.
〇 I have no connection to expand overseas.
〇 I want introductions to overseas partners.
〇 I want to franchise to over seas.
〇 I would like to sell my ramen brand at an overseas EC(net shopping).
〇 I want to participate in an overseas ramen show.

The range that we can support you with is as follows

〇 Marketing such as country preference and price range.
〇 Survey of material procurement methods and manufacturing companies in each country.
〇 Support for company management, from establishment of a company to recruitment.
What are the benefits of joining an association


The following benefits are available when you join our association

〇 After registering with this association, when you post photos of your store, staff, ramen and features of your ramen on the website, the information will be disseminated in to multiple languages for you. Inquiries from overseas who saw the post will first contact the association which then will contact the association member.
〇 Free participation in overseas seminars.
〇 Free consultation on overseas expansion.
〇 It is possible to preferentially open a store when holding a ramen event overseas.
〇 Stores of our association members will be posted on our website.

How to join

Please contact us first via inquiry form.

We will send you an application form by email.

Ramen School (tutorial class) will be held

RAMEN School

As the first step in the association to spread Japanese ramen to the world, we have been holding ramen schools (tutorial class) in Beijing and Shanghai in response to a request from China, where Japanese ramen has been booming since last year. After giving the tutorial to the participants, we used the kitchen to practice the process of making ramen from the basics of soup making to the finished ramen.

An important point in expanding ramen overseas is, as the Japanese saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. A variety of people participate in the Ramen School, such as those who want to learn how to make ramen, people who just purely love ramen, and people who want to run a ramen shop. Interact with various people overseas, learn about the culture of their country, know the taste, know the ingredients in the country, and together they will complete the Japanese ramen that people in that country think is delicious. These are the things that are learned and fostered by getting in touch with the local people. “Ramen School” is a place for learning about the market and network building. We will provide you with the know-how and network that we have gained.

Free Study Session

Free study session for members.
Why don’t you come listen to the voices of the pioneers of Japanese ramen stores that have expanded overseas? This is a study group where you can listen to valuable stories such as overseas successes and failures, and points to note when expanding to overseas.

Association Member Stores / Member introduction

Association Member Stores / Member introduction Member store / member introduction

Ramen Instruction

Held a tutorial session for how to make ramen for Chinese people in Shanghai and Beijing. We teach how to make “Ramen” from the beginning, this is what is now desired overseas. In addition to how to make ramen, we give multifaceted guidance on actual management and local enforcement.
The Directors will also participate in the following schedule

Scheduled dates

2020 / March 27th, 28th, 29th May 15th, 16th, 17th June 26th, 27th, 28th

Target audience

Those who want to open stores overseas and want to pursue ramen more.


3days (9:00~22:00)


Please contact us. Click here for the inquiry form.


Current in overseas, there are many shops that operate ramen shops with “I don’t know how to make ramen” and “just imitating without proper experience”. I often hear that the proper environment is not there, even though there is actually an enthusiasm to “learn ramen”. We started with the desire to have such people learn the basic ramen from the basics. In addition to teaching Japanese ramen recipes, we use local ingredients and local cooking utensils to support the local taste and create a unique flavor. While making ramen together, we will teach you the basic knowledge of ramen in an actual hand on interaction.
Just because you can make a delicious ramen doesn’t mean you can make a thriving shop. I hope that you will experience the management, sales promotion, and connections needed to continue to flourish. Also, how can you build a thriving store by taking in the valuable opinions of those who already operate the stores locally? We will support not only the taste but also the attitude of how we can continue to flourish.
About the history of Ramen

History of ramen

The first ramen sold in Japan in 1884 was “Shio Ramen”!?
“Nanjing Soba” provided at Yowaken, a Japanese restaurant in Hakodate in 1884, is the root of Japanese ramen and is said to be salt ramen. However, there are no detailed materials left, so it is not certain.

Contact us

Contact us

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